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Structure of Studies

   Nineveh Business School center prepares men and women to become leaders at every level of management. Today's successful businesses demand flexibility, innovation, creativity, teamwork and leadership of their employees. Our goal is to help students meet those demands through a rigorous grounding in all functional areas of business and through the honing of the analytical and interpersonal skills required to address real business problems. The Nineveh Business School center degree is considered the ultimate professional achievement in business management, finance and administration. It provides recognized credentials to assist people advancing into middle and top management in business, government and non-profit organizations.

Nineveh Business School center offers three types of graduation:

Course Diploma in a specific area or a Certificate of Business Studies for 3 or more relevant courses;

Certificate in a specific professional area, (for instance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, etc.);;

Degree of Master of Business Administration, with specializations in Enterprise, Finance, General Administration, Marketing and Project Management.

  English Proficiency for students whose first language is not english

We do not require our prospective students to present proof of English proficiency tests (e.g. TOEFL). However, in order to best learn the intense material offered, it is recommended English skills be equivalent a TOEFL score of at least 500. To find out more about TOEFL and to take a test in test language skills, go to the Official TOEFL site.

Please note that if you do not experience difficulties reading this text, you have a sufficient knowledge of English. Moreover, we introduce all of our programs with a required course that is free - English for Business Communications. This course covers all major areas of business survival English. The basic English grammar section deals with sentence structure, building sentences, verb forms, tense use and punctuation. The spoken business English section presents practical language for telephone protocol, sales, business meetings, travel and social etiquette. The written samples and instructions section covers request and reply letters, social business letters, complaints, claims and adjustments as well as credit and collection letters, reports and proposals. The job search section contains guidelines for writing resumes, job applications, letters of reference and recommendation, letters of declining and accepting a job offer, and other correspondence. Each section provides instruction followed by practical exercises.

   Professional Course Studies

Each professional studies course consists of a number of units ending with a self-graded multiple choice test. The course study program must then be completed with an on-line or in-class exam under the instructor's supervision.

While there are no minimum requirements for the duration of study, the course must be completed within the 12 month period. Students completing the course will be awarded a diploma. Students completing three or more courses in a self-designed program of studies will be granted with a Certificate of Business Studies.

   We recommend this type of business studies as a quick, flexible and cost-effective solution for working professionals seeking higher standards of knowledge and career development. A combination of courses will also benefit active managers and professionals who wish to further develop their areas of specialization. Earning a Certificate of Business Studies is also recommended as a practical educational program for students pursuing academic studies.

   Certificate Programs

A Certificate Program of Business Studies is designed to meet modern challenges in any of the following professional areas:

- Accounting,

- Business Administration,

- Entrepreneurship,

- Financial Planning,

- International Trade,

- Marketing,

- Project Management.

The Certificate Programs are structured in the same manner. Each program commences with the Foundation Module, consisting of 6 core courses. The course consists of a number of units that end with a self-graded multiple choice test. Each course is then completed with an on-line or in-class exam under the instructor's supervision. There are no minimum requirements for the time of course studies; however, Module 1 must be completed in the 12-month's period.

The Foundation Module is followed by the Advanced Module of specific Case Studies, with the objective of gaining a wide range of professional knowledge and developing practical decision-making skills. At this level, students must demonstrate the ability to use acquired skills, gather and to cultivate information in selected areas, and make reports regarding specified tasks and objectives. The program concludes with an in-company research project combined with real fieldwork.

We regularly recommend our qualified students as volunteers for the co-op programs or pilot projects of American and international Companies. As a result, students will be able to gain professional and team-working skills in a real business environment, experience which will help to further their career development.

For our international students whose first language is other than English, we offer a 2-month preliminary course - English for Business Communications.

  Our Certificate Programs are not only designed for students studying on a full-time basis, but also for working professionals seeking better positions and/or new challenges. We recommend this type of graduation for college and university students involved in academic studies who wish to gain practical skills at the same time. Earning a certificate in their selected area will help them to successfully enter a competitive labor market.

   Master of Business Administration Degree

The MBA is the most prestigious degree academic management and administration. It offers universally recognized credentials that assist people as they advance into middle and top management in business, government and non-profit organizations. Our MBA Program was designed not only for students that are involved in studies on full-time basis, but for working professionals as well. It allows fully employed individuals to pursue an MBA degree while continuing their career development.

An undergraduate degree in business or economics is not required for admission into this program. We encourage students from diverse backgrounds to make application to our MBA program. For those who have no or little prior education in business, Nineveh Business School center offers indispensable basics, including a preliminary language course and a Foundation Module, which provide general business skills.

At the beginning of the program, each student undertakes a comprehensive analysis of his or her personal leadership potential and learns how to tailor leadership skills to a given organization and to society as a whole. At this stage, students receive an intensive introduction into the central functions and processes of management. Before the study of professional courses, we require our students to pass English for Business Communications.

Over the first year's studies (Foundation Module), a "hands-on" approach to business education combines basic theory, case analysis, management simulations and online seminars with traditional methods for establishing an understanding of the general management role.

While every effort will be made to accommodate individual students' needs, a specific sequence of courses is required to ensure students gain the appropriate background for subsequent courses. Please note that MBA Foundation Module courses are equivalent to those of the Certificate in Business Administration. Therefore, upon completion of the Foundation Module, students will be issued such a certificate.

  To waive Foundation Module courses, students will have their undergraduate transcripts and/or their CV reviewed by the MBA Program Administrator to determine whether they have already completed course work equivalent to the material covered in the Foundation Module. All other qualified students, including those with undergraduate business degrees and/or solid work experience, may enter the MBA Core Module directly.

Over the second year's studies (Core Module), students chart their own professional directions, concentrating in a specific business field or continuing to pursue a broad-based management education. On the path to the MBA Degree, students take advanced courses examining challenges in finance, marketing, management, human resources management and international business. Students also take the entrepreneurship course, in which they apply what they have learned by developing a formal business plan for a realistic venture. Our students gain an understanding of the forces driving business across the globe and are encouraged to take an active role in making a difference by seeking out opportunities for personal and professional growth and empowering others in the pursuit of shared goals.

The Core MBA Module consists of 6 required courses, as well as 3 elective courses, depending on students' areas of concentration. Nineveh Business School center offers five areas of concentration: General Administration, Enterprise, Finance, Marketing and Project Management. Please note that Nineveh Business School center in Enterprise is an advanced one-of-a-kind program that teaches contemporary approaches in new venture creation and development.

Finally, Module 3 of the program concludes with an in-company research Management Project combined with actual field work. We recommend our qualified students as volunteers for co-op programs or pilot projects of American and International Companies. As a result, a student is able to gain not only professional and team-working skills in real business environment, but also earn a powerful credit for further career development.

MBA candidates are examined after each level of study. Students who fulfill all the academic requirements receive the Nineveh Business School center Degree.

Important Note: Nineveh Business School center reserves the right to change instructors, discontinue courses, refuse enrollments or extensions, and/or adjust service fees and textbook prices listed in the catalog as circumstances warrant.

Nineveh Business School center reserves the right to cancels courses, but only does so when absolutely necessary. Sometimes it is necessary to cancel a fixed-date course if minimum enrollment is not reached. The decision to cancel will be made by the course start date. If a course is canceled, students may transfer to another course or request a refund.


Unless specified in the course description, the grading system is as follows:

A – Exceptional

B – Very Good

C – Acceptable

D – Poor, barely passed

F – Failure, not passed

Unless otherwise indicated in the course description, courses may not be repeated for credit. All grades are final when filed by the instructor. Grades are mailed to students within three weeks of filing. Because of the need to protect the confidentiality of students' records, information about grades cannot be released via telephone.

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