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   Sponsorship for students from developing countries is provided by the American Business Development Foundation (ABDF).

ABDF offers a sponsorship to students from countries in which the Foundation has strategic interests, as well as to students from countries from which there are a significant number of immigrants to USA. By sponsoring students, ABDF tries to support the interests of the American business community concerned with the expansion of its international economic ties. Such support includes assisting in the education of foreign entrepreneurs and managers whose professional qualifications and business approaches meet American standards. The other goal of ABDF is to provide financial assistance to people with the potential prospectively to adapt to living and working in USA, consequently benefiting USA economy and multicultural makeup.

ABDF will sponsor qualified students by paying up to 50% of the cost of the eligible Certificate Program or MBA Program. If candidates receive such a sponsorship, they will simply indicate their sponsorship ID Number in the "Special Instructions" window while completing their order on-line in order to pay half price for the respective program. Please note that the sponsorship by the Foundation requires no obligations to ABDF, Nineveh Business School center, or other organizations.

In order to qualify for ABDF sponsorship, candidates must fill out an application and pass an on-line test (hard copies of the application and test can also be faxed upon request). Detailed explanation on filling these forms could be found below. Any additional questions should be referred to our staff.

To apply for ABDF click the following link

Sponsorship Application

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