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   In the era of New Economy, more than ever before, business opportunities depend on a high-quality, professional education. A good mind and a willingness to work hard may not be enough without a well-balanced combination of academic knowledge and practical skills. A American certificate of business studies is recognized throughout the world for providing the broad base of qualifications needed for a career in general management as well as in a specialized area. For our international students, fluency in Business English is also of key importance, especially at a time when many multinational companies that perform at local markets are replacing their domestic personnel as rapidly as they can find qualified candidates.

   Nineveh Business School center prepares men and women throughout the world to become leaders at every level of management. Today's successful businesses demand flexibility, innovation, creativity, teamwork and leadership from their employees. Our goal is to help students meet those demands through a rigorous grounding in all functional areas of business and by the honing of the analytical and interpersonal skills required to address real business problems. The Nineveh Business School center degree is considered the ultimate professional qualification for business management, finance and administration. It is a universally recognized degree that helps people advance to middle and upper management in business, governmental and non-profit organizations.

   Year by year, Ivy League and other well known business schools help thousands to become leaders at every level of management. Such schools' degrees are considered to be the highest of professional qualifications through the business world. Recognized everywhere, they assist people in advancing to senior positions. Top business schools are deservedly known as the most expedient route to a successful business career However, studying in these educational centres is often be too expensive for those without strong financial support, particularly students from the developing countries. Some may enjoy graduation from Harvard or Stanford and be able to afford it. The majority, however, have to seek a more practical, cost-efficient solution.

That is why the Founders of Nineveh Business School center have set a mandate to provide a quality but inexpensive education. It is not so easy to combine high standards with low cost tuition. How have we been able to solve this problem?

The solution was the distance learning concept, which has been greatly enhance by the power of the Internet. As a result of this approach, Nineveh Business School center has gained the ability to deliver quality programs at a low cost to students throughout the world. Distance learning provides not only the most cost-efficient education, but also the convenience and flexibility of individualized, asynchronous studying. It allows students to graduate without leaving home. It also allows fully employed individuals to pursue higher professional qualifications while continuing their ongoing career development. Students may start whenever they like on a rolling-enrollment basis. There are no minimum time requirements or strict schedules for programs of study.

Our business education offers the best combination of academic knowledge and practical decision making skills. As an institution of distance learning, Nineveh Business School center has been able to assemble a terrific team of recognized experts from throughout the global marketplace. Nineveh Business School center was founded by professors from leading American and European universities and business schools, as well as by corporate executives with strong academic backgrounds. They joined their forces on our Faculty Board to design and govern a program that offers the best in distance business education. While board members' areas of expertise vary, they share some important attributes. All of them are actively practicing what they teach, and they are skilled in communicating their knowledge through distance learning channels and modern information technology. Consequently, Nineveh Business School center offers a low cost, flexible and well-balanced education that compares favorably with programs at leading business schools worldwide.

Moreover, owing to the strong association with American and US recruiting agencies, we are able to correct and maintain our programs according the current job market conditions. We also recommend our qualified students as volunteers for co-op programs and pilot projects of American and International Companies. If they take advantage of this program, students are able to gain professional and team-working skills in a real business environment that will help further their career development.

    The mission of the Nineveh Business School center is to attract candidates who will provide future leadership for the new economy. Nineveh Business School center is dedicated to promoting an environment of excellence and achievement that encourages the personal development of both those it serves and those who serve the school. It is particularly attentive to the needs of international students who are looking forward to the challenge of meeting American professional business standards and qualifications.

Nineveh Business School center does and will make every effort to create conditions in which students and staff are treated solely on the basis of their merits, abilities and potential, regardless of gender, color, ethnic or national origin, age, social background, disability, religious or political beliefs, family circumstances, sexual orientation or other irrelevant distinction.


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