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The Nineveh Business School center Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree is considered the ultimate professional level in management and administration. It is a commonly recognized credential that assists people as they advance into the middle and top management in business, government and non-profit organizations. Our MBA Program was designed not only for students that are involved in studies on full-time basis, but for working professionals as well. It allows fully employed individuals to pursue an MBA degree while continuing their career development.

An undergraduate degree in business or economics is not required for admission into this program. We encourage students from diverse backgrounds to make application to our MBA program. For those who have no or little prior education in business, Nineveh Business School center offers indispensable basics, including preliminary language course and a Foundation Module, that provide general business skills.

At the beginnig of the program, each student undertakes comprehensive analysis of his or her personal leadership potential and learns to frame the responsibilities of leadership in terms of both the organization and the society as a whole. Before the study of professional courses we require our students to pass the course of English for Business Communications. During this phase students receive an intensive introduction into the central functions and processes of management.

  Over the first year’s studies (Foundation Module or Module 1), a "hands-on" approach to business education combines basic theory, case analysis, management simulations and online seminars with traditional methods for establishing a conceptual understanding of the general management role.

While every effort will be made to accommodate individual students’ needs, the sequence of courses was approved to ensure appropriate background of subsequent courses. Please note that MBA Foundation Module courses are equivalent to those of the Certificate in Business Administration, and therefore, upon completion of the Foundation Module students will be issued such a Certificate.

   To waive a Foundation Module courses, students will have their undergraduate transcripts and/or their CV reviewed by the MBA Program Administrator to determine whether they have already completed course work significantly equivalent to the material covered in the Foundation Module. All other qualified students, including those with undergraduate business degree and/or a solid work experience, may enter the MBA Core Module directly.

  Over the second year’s studies (Core Module or Module 2), students chart their own professional directions, selecting a concentration in a specific business field or continuing to pursue a broad-based management education. On the path to the MBA Degree students take advanced courses examining challenges in finance, marketing, management, human resources management, and international business. Students also take the entrepreneurship course, in which they apply what they have learned by developing a formal business plan for a realistic venture. Our students gain an understanding of the forces driving business across the globe and are encouraged to take an active role in making a difference — to seek out opportunities for personal and professional growth and to empower others in the pursuit of shared goals.

  Finally, the program concludes with an in-company research Management Project (Module 3) combined with a real field work. We reccommend our qualified students as volanteers for the co-op programs or pilot projects of American and International Companies. As a result, a student is able to gain not only professional and team-working skills in real business environment, but also to earn a powerfull credit for further career development.

   MBA candidates are examined after each teaching stage. Students who fulfill all the academic requirements receive the Nineveh Business School center MBA Degree.



AC001 Introductory Accounting

MK001 Introductory Marketing

MG001 Introductory Management

FM001 Managerial Finance Part I

BA001 Legal Environment of Business

MG002 Human Resources Management


The Core MBA Module consists of 6 required courses, as well as 3 elective courses, depending on a student’s area of concentration. Nineveh Business School center offers five areas of concentration: General Administration, Enterprise, Finance, Marketing and Project Management. Please note that Nineveh Business School center MBA in Enterprise is an advanced one-of-a-kind program that concerns contemporary issues in a new venture creation and development.

   Required Courses:

AC002 Intermediate Accounting

EM001 Microeconomics

FM002 Managerial Finance Part II

MK004 Marketing Management Part I

MG004 Organizational Behavior

BA002 Entrepreneurship

   Elective Courses:

For the concentration in General Administration a student will have to choose three of the following courses:

MK005   Marketing Management Part II

MK007   Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

MG005   Competitive Intelligence

ACM001 Managerial Accounting

FP001    Financial Products & Markets

PM001   Project Management Basics

For the concentration in Marketing (MBA in Marketing degree), a student will have to choose three of the following courses:

MK002 Advertising

MK003 Consumer Behavior

MK005 Marketing Management Part II

MK006 International Marketing

MK007 Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

PM001 Project Management Basics

For the concentration in Finance (MBA in Finance degree), a student will have to choose three of the following courses:

AC003    Advanced Accounting

ACM001 Managerial Accounting

ACC001 Cost Accounting

FP005    Porfolio Management

FP006    Financial Risk Management

FP007    Financial Analyses

For the concentration in Enterprise (MBA in Enterprise degree), a student will have to choose three of the following courses:

MK003 Consumer Behavior

MG005 Competitive Intelligence

FP001  Financial Products & Markets

FP002  Principles of Financial Planning

PM001 Project Management Basics

PM002 Project Planning and Control

For the concentration in Project Management (MBA in Project Management degree), a student will have to choose three of the following courses:

PM001 Project Management Basics

PM002 Project Planning and Control

PM003 Project Risk Management

PM004 Quality Management

PM005 Human Factors and Team Dynamics for Quality Management

MG005 Competitive Intelligence

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