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Nineveh Business School center, in accordance with applicable law, prohibits discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or veteran status. This nondiscriminatory policy covers admission, access, and treatment in the Nineveh Business School center programs and activities.

  Who May Enroll:

Nineveh Business School center courses of professional studies, certificate programs and MBA programs are open to the general public. Unless otherwise indicated, any interested adult may enroll. Any prerequisites are listed in the program descriptions.

  When To Enroll:

Many of our courses for distance learning are asynchronous and can be enrolled in anytime. The course duration is "up to 12 months from the date of enrollment" for courses of professional studies and "up to 18 months from the date of enrollment" for the certificate programs. If a selected course has "fixed-dates," indicated by actual start and end dates, students may enroll as early as one month prior to the course start date. For MBA Program requirements please refer to the MBA page.

  Enrolling is Easy:

First, browse our online catalog. Once you have selected a course or a program to enroll in, write down its title, code number and tuition fee. Feel free to check, if you are qualified for CBDF sponsorship. In that event, you only have to pay half the cost for any program of your choice. 

Next, look over our enrollment policies below to familiarize yourself with important information about the program.

 Finally, select the enrollment and payment option below that is most suitable for you.


  Enrollment Guidelines

You may enroll in a maximum of three catalog courses simultaneously. Additional courses may be taken after you have made substantial progress in one or more courses of the first group. We offer distance education, which provides the convenience and flexibility of individualized, fully asynchronous learning. Most courses are offered on a rolling-enrollment basis; therefore, students enroll whenever they wish. There are no minimum time requirements for courses or programs of studies, excluding the preliminary 2 month course in Business English. Only some courses have specific start and end dates, usually a semester's length apart. This form of scheduling allows a group of students to proceed through the course together within the same period of time. Refund and transfer policies for these courses may differ from asynchronous courses. See Refunds and Transfers.

    For American residents, a Social Security Number (or Social Insurance Number) is required in order to verify your identity for accurate record keeping. In addition, providing a SSN (SIN) allows you to take advantage of the possible tax credits available. To determine your eligibility, please contact your tax consultant or accountant.

   For candidates from outside American seeking financial aid from American Business Development Foundation, a photocopy of an international passport is required. International students who are qualified for sponsorship should provide us with their CBDF File Number. To determine your eligibility for CBDF sponsorship, please contact our office for assistance prior to enrollment.

  Completion Time Limits

Independent learning requires an investment of your time; you can expect to spend about the same amount of study time as you would if you attended the same course on campus. Since the emphasis of the program is flexibility, completion times vary depending on the course and the nature of the assignments (some require research and fieldwork; others require an acquisition of skills that build on one another). As a result, although many students complete their studies in only a few months, you are given up to 12 months to complete an independent course or a combination of courses (self-designed Program of Business Studies), up to 18 months for Certificate Programs, and up to 24 months for MBA Program. If your course has a supervised final examination, and you live in United States, allow at least two weeks between the time you take the final examination and the date you need the course grade. Overseas students need to allow additional time. Note that all course assignments must be completed before the final examination is mailed out. Unless otherwise specified in the course description, you are allowed up to the specified maximum time limits from the date of enrollment to complete your studies. This includes any final project or examination. (note: the date of enrollment is the date the course fee payment is processed). If you have successfully completed at least one assignment by the date your enrollment expires, at the discretion of the instructor you may be granted one three-month extension for courses or programs. Extensions are not available for courses with fixed beginning and end dates. The extension fee is $50 per course and $100 per program, and you must request the extension before the expiration date. If you allow your enrollment to expire or if you do not complete your course by the end date of your extension, you must pay the full course fee to re-enroll.

  Final Examinations

In addition to the submitted assignments, most courses require either supervised or unsupervised final examinations. In most cases, final examinations weigh heavily in determining course grades. Final examination requirements and particulars for each independent course or certificate program will be provided within the syllabus with the course materials you receive in the mail or online.

  Materials and Textbooks

    Course materials are available in two forms: hard copy (printed materials) or a CD.

   Students may request either form while completing their enrollment.

   Please note that the cost of shipping will depend on the form chosen, especially for overseas delivery.

   Check shipping costs and conditions while submitting your order.

   Materials and textbooks must be returned along with the request for a refund prior to the refund being granted by the Nineveh Business School center administration.


Unless specified in the course description, the grading system is as follows:

A – Exceptional

B – Very Good

C – Acceptable

D – Poor, barely passed

F – Failure, not passed

All grades are final when filed by the instructor. Grades are mailed to students within three weeks of being filed. Because of the need to protect the confidentiality of students' records, information about grades cannot be released by telephone.


Members of the Nineveh Business School center Alumni Association are entitled to 10% discounts on almost all enrollment fees up to a maximum of $50 on each course. Discounts are not given retroactively and cannot be combined. A copy of a Nineveh Business School center certificate or diploma must be included with your enrollment.

Financial Aid and Student Loans

Nineveh Business School center offers neither scholarships nor any other form of financial assistance. Students enrolled in our programs or courses are not eligible to use any funds originating through grants or loan programs available through the American or U.S. Departments of Education, nor does enrollment in our studies meet American or U.S. federal requirements for loan deferment. However, foreign students may be granted scholarship assistance either by their sponsoring companies, non-profit organizations, or private sources. For instance, you may be eligible for a CFDB Sponsorship (see CFDB Sponsorship below).

CBDF Sponsorship

Sponsorship for students from developing countries is provided by the American Business Development Foundation (CBDF). CBDF offers sponsorship to students from countries in which the foundation has strategic interests as well as to students from countries in which there are a significant number of immigrants to USA. By sponsoring students, CBDF supports the interests of the American business community by attempting to expand international economic ties. Such support includes assisting in the education of foreign entrepreneurs and managers whose professional qualifications and business mentality meet American standards. The other goal of CBDF is to provide financial assistance to people with the potential to adapt to living and working in USA. In doing so, USA will gain economically and multiculturally. CBDF sponsors up to 50% of the cost of either the certificate program or the MBA program. If candidates are qualified to receive such a sponsorship, they will indicate their sponsorship ID Number in the "Special Instructions" window while completing his/her order on-line and will pay just half the regular tuition fee. Please note that sponsorship by CBDF implies no obligations on the part of students to it, Nineveh Business School center, or any other organization. In order to qualify for CBDF sponsorship, candidates must fill out an application and pass a test on-line (these can also be faxed upon request). Detailed explanation on filling these forms may be found on the Nineveh Business School center website. Any additional questions should be referred to our staff.

  Important Note

Nineveh Business School center reserves the right to change instructors, discontinue courses, refuse enrollment or extensions, or adjust service fees and textbook prices listed in the catalog as circumstances warrant. Nineveh Business School center reserves the right to cancel courses, but we only do so when absolutely necessary. Sometimes a fixed-date course must be canceled if a minimum enrollment is not reached. The decision to cancel will be made by the course start date. If your course is canceled, you may either transfer to another course or request a refund.


  Course Fees

The total enrollment and tuition fees for each course are specified in the course description. All fees, including the online resource fee, if applicable, must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.

Program Fees

The total enrollment and tuition fees for the program are specified in the program description. All fees, including the online resource fee, if applicable, must be paid in two equal parts:

 1) - at the time of the enrollment, and 

 2) - before the start the of Advanced Module, i.e. right after the Foundation Module of studies is completed.

MBA Program Fees

The total enrollment and tuition fees for the MBA Program is specified in the Program description. All fees, including the online resource fee, if applicable, must be paid in three equal parts:

1) - at the time of the enrollment, and

2) - before the start of Core Module, i.e., right after the Foundation Module of studies is completed, and

3) - before the start of the research Management Project.

Refunds and Transfers

Refund policies differ depending on the type of course or program selected. Requests for a course refund or transfer must be made in writing and received by our office within one month (30 days) of the enrollment date (the date we process your payment). No refund or transfer can be made after this period. 

We will grant your request for a refund if we receive it within the stated period, providing you have not submitted any assignments. We will, however, charge you a $50 processing fee per course and $100 per program. For payment of the refund, please allow approximately four to six weeks. The refund payment is made in the same way that the original fee was paid. Transferred enrollments are not refundable.


  Online Enrollment:

To enroll via Internet, choose the "Enroll on-line" section from the main menu, fill out the enrollment form and submit the form electronically to us. Then go to our online secure form and follow the instructions. Indicate your name and address for shipping options and be prepared to provide credit card information. While online, select the appropriate course and program fee, which varies depending on the course advancement and your eligibility for CBDF sponsorship. The price shown is the total enrollment, tuition and case studies fee - either in full amount, or sponsored in half by the CBDF Foundation. If you are qualified for this sponsorship, please indicate your sponsorship ID Number in the "Special Instructions" window while completing your order. Do not hesitate to contact our staff for the online enrollment assistance.


If you wish to pay by bank money order, your completed enrollment form must be send to us by registered mail, FedEx or DHL along with the order. We cannot accept money order enrollments via the web or fax. Upon receipt of your money order, we will send an invoice to you or your company.

If you wish to pay by wire transfer your completed enrollment form must be mailed or faxed to us along with the copy of the purchase order (wire transfer form). We will begin processing your enrollment upon receipt of your wire, after which we will send an invoice to you or your company. Do not forget to indicate your name as well as that of your company on the wire transfer form.

Please Note:

Fees paid from outside the United States and USA in the form of a bank money order must be in U.S. dollars drawn on a bank office located in the United States and made payable to the Nineveh Business School center. If your bank money order in U.S. dollars is drawn on a bank office located in USA, you must add an additional $7 to your total course fees.

Refunds will be granted upon request within 30 days from the date of enrollment. Refunds are made to the payer only. Standard refund policies apply.

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