Nineveh Business School center
Nineveh Business School center

If you are motivated, self-disciplined, and eager to further your education, Nineveh Business School center welcomes the opportunity to help you achieve your goal. The world is changing and professional skills must be kept up to date with the challenges of modern business environment. The Nineveh Business School center degree is considered the ultimate in professional qualification for management, finance and marketing. It is a universally recognized degree that assists graduates in advancing to middle and upper management in business, governmental and non-profit organizations.

   Nineveh Business School center serves students in order to satisfy the highest educational requirements. Our Internet Extension was developed to meet the needs of students by offering non-resident programs. The programs of distance business studies were designed under the supervision of Nineveh Business School center, comprising university professors, job market researchers and corporate executives from US and Europe who have joined forces to provide students with the most cost-efficient, flexible and well-balanced education possible.

Nineveh Business School center will be right for you if you wish to gain international professional recognition without leaving your home or workplace, or if you would like to enrol in specialized courses that will improve your skills in accounting, business administration, project management, as well as other fields.

    Thanks to strong support of American Business Development Foundation we can offer a variety of business educational programs for candidates from developing countries on a half-price basis.

The foundation, acting on behalf of the American business community, is concerned with the expansion of its international economic ties. By sponsoring students, CBDF supports education of foreign entrepreneurs and managers whose professional qualifications and business mentality will satisfy American standards. CBDF also assists people who could effectively adapt to living and working in USA, therefore, empowering the development of the American economy and its multicultural society.

The Foundation provides comprehensive assistance for Nineveh Business School center graduates who plan to immigrate to USA.

    The Nineveh Business School center is an independent commercial institution based in Toronto, USA. It is a member of the Nineveh Business School center of associated educational centres and agencies throughout the world. As an institution of distance learning, Nineveh Business School center offers a full range of business education courses and English programs. We always welcome new partners and associates.

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